Debra Carpenter

Born in 1953, I began a concentrated study and to paint steadily in 1980. My experience is only somewhat influenced by study, mostly by doing.

I studied fine art at Univ. Memphi. I was fortunate in that my father was the university president, which allowed me unlimited access to focus on the fine arts program. There I studied photography, graphic design, interior design, drafting, lighting, drawing, fullsizerender-28sculpture, and painting. At last, I found my passion was oils. The three painting professors I had the privilege to study under insisted that to be a painted one must paint … So, since, I have painted steadily for 36 years. The past 14 years have been intensely focused.

Some paintings are a result of letters to my late son, Elijah. The letters become whatever I see, like cloud forms, they are subconsciously arrived, and signed, ‘Elijah’.

Others are visually conceived, light patterns, color play, and multi-faceted, blurry and undefined. There are conscious and are for my daughter, and are signed FMD, ‘For my daughter’.

Prior to 2002, my work was signed ‘Debra’.

As of May 1, 2016, I have relocated to western North Carolina.

Thank you, I do hope you feel something by viewing my work.

Life is both conscious, and unconscious, and so are we, and so, too, is my art.

-Debra Carpenter