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Documentary & Pizza Night @ YaYa! – Feb 22

Come enjoy delicious sourdough pizza @ YaYA Village while we play the documentary: On Yoga, The Architecture of Peace. We’ll have refreshments, popcorn, a big screen and comfy seats!
Here’s a little bit about the documentary:
O’Neill devoted the next decade to his labor of love, traveling frequently to India (on his own dime), spending time with yoga masters and gurus in both the East and the West—TKV Desikachar, BKS Iyengar, Yogi Bhajan, and everyone in between. “I did it as a bhakti, as my devotion to yoga,” he says. “I never said I like this better than that. There was no judgement. Yoga is yoga. It’s a path to consciousness. It’s a path of spirit. It’s a way of life. – Yoga Journal.

We’ll be raffling a YaYa Village T-shirt!

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Mindfulness, Geomancy & Earth Medicine!

Anita is welcoming a friend and colleague who is living now in Asheville NC and will be offering meditation groups and earth medicine. With an introduction to crystals (101) geomancy AKA pendulum use or dowsing and feng shui — Cheryl will teach all the basics of everything mentioned above and the practical application in your life. 





Cheryl Spencer

Cheryl  is a life-long natural intuitive and perpetual student of life who has worked as a practitioner and instructor in Earth Energy medicine, helping people to empower themselves to find relief and improvement. Cheryl brings a broad perspective, and knows how to bridge the seeming differences in subjects of healing for the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Her teaching is hands-on, visual, engaging, and full of humor. It is practical, informative, and becomes easy to apply to all areas of everyday life. Cheryl began training in meditation in the late 1970’s, and earned a certification in Silva Method (then called Silva Mind Control) in 1980. She has worked in wild and exotic animal healing rehab, was an artist and sculptor creating Shamanic-style soul access pieces; was a Licensed Massage Therapist and member of Associated Body Work Professionals when she owned a Metaphysical Center in St. Petersburg, Fl. She is an Essential Reiki Master, and is an Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church. Since moving to the Mountains of western North Carolina, she has had a crystal booth at the former Downtown Market in Asheville, and served two years as a Counselor with a local addiction recovery residential program. Now she joins the sisterhood of knowledge and care at Ya Ya Yoga in Spruce Pine. There is always more to discover and learn!

Classes schedule:

  • March 1st – Continuing Earth Medicine & Geomancy.- 10 -12:00 am 

Crystals and Chakras.


Anita Sound healing