In the weeks to come, we will offer information on whole foods and nutrition, growing food and gardening for your health and wellbeing as well as  what herbs to incorporate into your own life and how to prepare them for ingestion.
 The following are the offerings and dates:
  • March 2th – Eat for your gut (10:00 to 11:30 am) Maria Ortiz. npr_bacteria_gut_wide-bf19edfd3592bfd17a24f9f24322a89663dead5f-s900-c85.jpg

Gut bacteria has a great influence in health and may also prevent,  treat & even  improve health conditions from heart disease to cancer, it also plays a major role in our mood. Even though there are many factor that affect it positively or negatively, food & lifestyle play a major role. Come join us at this work shop where we will cover the basics of gut bacteria and it’s role in our every day, as well as talk about food options and lifestyle to keep our gut microbiome health and happy. We’ll have Kombucha and we will prepare some kraut!  Bring your jars if you want to leave with kraut and a SCOBY!

Cost: $20


  • March 9th – Fermentation. With Jen Rambo.
  • March 23th -Foraging for greens (5 common greens). With Linda Harmon.